LMC3, Inc.

LMC3 is a full service sales and marketing company which can supply all your needs from A to Z ( see right navigation). In today’s evolving digital marketplace, your company needs to be found and LMC3 will supply all the materials and expertise to make sure the world knows you exist and they like what they see.

LMC3 represents companies involed in Project Financing, International Commodities, Invention Development, Quantum Physics. and Green Technologies (solar, wind, waste to energy, hydro and geo-thermal).

Call us toll free at 888-658-8884 for a personal evaluation from one of our team leaders. We look forward to hearing from you and scheduling an appointment to help you with your wants and needs. LMC3 supports TheFoundationForWorldHarmony and SupportingOurServicemen.

Please call us
toll free at 888-658-8884

All consultations are done aboard our floating office in Marina
Del Rey, The Mer Sea.

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